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February 6, 2018

Life After Hurt..

As I lay gazing at the ceiling; my eyes followed the rhythm of  hope; tears kissed my cheeks and I muster the strength to dry my eyes but, the droplets of tears streamed repeatedly and I cried out ” Elohim” save me. Natural disasters happen all around us on a daily basis but what do you do when the natural  disaster hits home? When your dreams becomes foggy and your life goals seem impossible to reach what do you do?  What do you do when your strength is weak and the words of affirmation  are stuck in the gut of your stomach and your hope and hanging on by a strand of life.

Life after Hurt…….

Usually I come to you with all of the answers and how to fix the broken but today I’m going to allow my heart to speak, I want to talk about Life After Hurt. I tend to shy away from talking about my personal life too much because often times I am afraid of the perception people may have of me and the decisions I made throughout my life, writing has always been therapeutic for me. It allows me to escape reality sometimes and times when I cannot muster up the words to say my pen and paper always knows the correct words to say. So here I am dealing with “life”. Life sometimes has this funny way of showing up and shaking things up for you. Sometimes in ways that leave you breathless.  Life after hurt.  Life after death of a family member, life after a relationship/friendship, business idea whatever you’re personally dealing with we’ll have experienced some multitude of hurt; it’s that feeling of  “wondering where do I go from here“? I am not here to say I have all the answers to every problem we’ll face on a daily but one answer that I do know is that God is perfect in all of his ways- even when it comes to hurt for in Romans 8:18 says for the suffering you’re currently going through, greater will be revealed within you and sometimes hurt brings out something’s we’ve been hiding from ourselves for instance hurt allows us to see the unforgiveness we have in our hearts, the hatred we carry and the poison we speak whenever we think of that person who hurt us, or that person who killed a loved one, or that person who stole from us. Hurt allows us to see our hearts. I know from first hand that believing in God during my hurting period seems harder said than done but in  Psalms 18:30-34 says

 What a God he is, perfect in all of his ways. All of his promises prove true, He is a shield for everyone who hides behind him. For who is God except our Lord, He fills me with strength and protects me. He gives me the steadfootedness of a mountain goat upon the crags, he leads me to safety along the cliff”. 

 When depression knocks at your door God swiftly sweeps you away into his arms that is never-failing. God feels your pain as if he is going through it himself and he will never leave you, I know the air seems quite and his touch seem so far away but trust me he’s there. Holding you in his bosom, tending to the tears you cried.  Moments when I feel my knees buckling and I am walking on the tip of the iceberg of hurt I remember that God says in Psalms 91

” I will send forth my angels to be your crutch to keep you from falling against the trails of the rock ( life) ”

Now, the answer to your question what do I do? You survive the hurt! You survive and push through. When the odds are stacked against you. When giving up on God seems easy, you do the opposite and cling on to God like never before and you muster up the courage to speak life over you, the enemies job is to rob, kill and destroy– do not allow them to win. Do not allow them to rob you from your joy. Do not allow them to kill your hope and destroy your faith in God. God loves you! I need you to survive.

Hurt is the inevitable but, it’s what we do after the hurt… That’s the real question?

The end.

  Love you, Thanks for reading!





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December 11, 2017

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Box

Here I am lodged deep within the crevasse of this box; submerged with fear. Crippled and ashamed to reveal the core of this box, this box is my shield against the loud thunders of thoughts and piercing eyes of judgment. The constant scrutiny of societal pressure make the depth of this box endless and I am drowning in the comfort of these four walls. I peek my head out to see the light but, the light of the unknown draws me back into my shell of  darkness.  I hear the sweet soothing sound of Gods voice telling me too” Take his hand and that he would lead me” but that meant I had to release the flaps of this box and allow him to guide me wherever he desires for me to go.

The box is our comfort zone and its nail-biting to exit your comfort zone ( speaking from experience, lol) , the world is new and the probability of failure is heighten but, in order to be what God has called and anointed you to be you must tear down those towers of fear and failure and trust in Gods plan regarding your life. Our simple minds cannot grasp the bigger picture to things and sometimes we kick and scream when God is directing us to his pathway for our lives because it requires that we get out of our box. Yes, the land is foreign to us but God says that he will never lead us to a place that he hasn’t already surveillance. That’s why its super important to stay close to God because he will be your eyes and ears to certain situation ( Which is awesome). I’m not sure if you’re like me but, I’m more of an ” what’s next God” type of girl. I need to know what’s going to happen next and while you’re navigating life without your box God is pressing on your heart for you to trust him 100% and allow him to guide you and also to surrender to him and trust him in all areas of your life.

Stepping outside your box knocks on your heart to remain obedient to God and to follow him at his very word because the world( the devil)  will throw in turbulence to make you feel like God has left you, that he has abandoned you on this journey but what’s so amazing about God is that he offers protection like no other! With your box you may have thought that those four walls offered you protection against the schemes of the enemy but nothing compares to the almighty hand of God. Nothing compares to knowing that God has set forth angels to protect you. God wants to lead you to that land that’s overflowing with milk and honey but in order to obtain the things in your promise land you must first step out on God and step out of your box- reach out and grab his hand.  Sometimes the biggest obstacles we will over overcome is our OURSELVES. Step out on God and remove that box of limitations.

Here is what I am commanding you to do, Be strong and brave. Do not be terrified. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be everywhere you go..  Joshua 1:9″

Are you willing to step outside of your box and allow yourself to be used by God? Are you willing to surrender your box?


God is waiting….

Souls are waiting on your act of obedience. God wants to do exceedingly greats things in your life but first he must know are you willing to reach out to HIM and allow HIM to rip down your box? This box has hindered you long enough, it has choke you with fear long enough now its time to step out on Gods word and trust that he will never leave you! Its time to be strong and not weary!


God is waiting..

Are you willing to step outside your box?


Happy Hoildays,

From my family to your,

From: Freddie, Logan and Lauryn

(Yes, Logan is refusing to wear pants,  Pray for him! lol)  

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October 31, 2017

Trails Of The Rock

Trails Of The Rock….

Psalms 91:12 The angels of God will steady you with their hands to keep you from stumbling against the trails of the rock.

Here I am God standing knee-deep in the deepest valley of my life, inhaling my last ounce of faith wondering how do I finish this race. I muster up the courage to stand but yet I’m hit with another rock. Another rock of set backs, another rock of distraction, another rock of depression, another rock of loneliness, another rock of anxiety.  I scramble  to every corner of my life but yet there’s  another rock. Another rock of fear, another rock of doubtfulness another rock of jealousy.

God says my child the rocks ( obstacles) you’re experiencing are not  meant to over take you and devour you, for he has sent help. God has dispatched his angels to be your crutch to keep you from falling against the  trails of the rocks. God is so faithful that he hears the cries and faint whispers your speak out that he wants you to know that  will never leave you nor  forsake you during this journey . He feels your pain deep within his bones and he will never put more on you that you’re able to bear. Then you’re able to manage at this present time in your life. As you’re  trodden through  this journey  wondering how am I making it? How did I survive the angry climates of this trail it’s because God has preserved you and kept you lodged deep within the cleft of his rock while you walking this trail.

This trail wasn’t promised to be easy but, what was promised was God’s grace and protection. I know this trail you’re walking through seems difficult but, God is your present help. He will allow you to walk where rivers and storms will not over flow you and drown you. He will allow you to walk through the blazing fires and not get burned. Lean on God, for he is there! Helping you walk against  the trails of the rocks.


How to overcome the rocks!

1. Stay encouraged!- Struggles doesn’t last always and there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Keep the faith! Read Romans 8:28 & Romans 8: 18

2. Stay hidden in God If you’re not  actively praying, I strongly encourage you to pray! God is most present in our rainy, stormy seasons! Praying is your telephone to God so if you’re not praying and hiding in God during this walk through the trails it may be overwhelming and you may throw in your towel but they wait upon the  Lord their strength shall be renewed they shall run and not weary walk and not become faint  ( Isaiah 40:31)

3. Read your bible and repeat step 1 & 2

God’s word is life and if you’re bidding in his word and refilling yourself daily then you will not be equipped to deal with the rocks. God has given us the power to speak to those ” Rocks” in our life and command them to move ( Matthew 11:23) but if you’re not reading your word then you will NOT know how to handle situations that may occur in your life! Trust me, I always speak from experience!

Love You! Stay encouraged my loves! God is faithful. Happy November!



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October 18, 2017

New blogs and collaboration! Plus bloggers workshop….

Hello my lovelies!

Long time, no speak! I promise myself and all of my faithful readers that I will never be gone for that long again! I missed you guys so much and I cannot wait to update you guy’s! Here’s the scoop on my life…

I’ve recently lost 30 pounds! So exciting right, I really felt as if the Lord was laying it against my heart to take better care of myself along with making sure that I’m confident within myself so losing weight has definitely boosted my confidence in addition too getting braces! I cannot explain the pure excitement I feel right now, to finally have straight teeth. Only God knows how insecure this made me feel so I’m thankful for this blessing. Also….. wait! I will share the other good news in 2018! Haha. Sorry!


Where were I? Oh yes, UPDATES!

I am relaunching my bloggers workshop I truly felt as if it was my trail run and now that I know how to properly launch my workshop I want to make it free! You heard me! FREE! I want  for every blogger, aspiring blogger to have the tools that God has blessed me with and it’s not about money or fame it’s about being a blessing unto other’s and just allowing everyone to take the course. The workshop in my opinion would’ve been MOREEEEEEE successful if I did it Gods way instead of my way, we live in learn! Now, It’s going to be available January 1, 2018! Save the date and make sure you tell a friend!

Also, I am working with some pretty amazing bloggers in 2018 and if you’re interested in showcasing your work on then email or comment in  the comment section! I read my emails daily, lol. I am so thankful for you guys growing with me, it has been one pretty amazing journey and I am so thankful you guys have stuck in there with me! I cannot ask for a better group of people!

Hugs! ❤

I love you guy’s and I cannot wait for you to read the New blogs!


Also, I will be in California March 2018 come out and see me! Date will be announced soon!


Love you so much,


Aundra Williams



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September 3, 2017

God Promises Are True if Only YOU Believe!!

Author: Janisha Smith


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Have you ever made a promise to someone and then turn around and broke the promise
unintentionally? Well, that’s because you are only flesh and blood; however, I know a man who
promises are true for he indicates this in 2 Corinthians 1:20, “For all the promises of God find
their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory”.
If you would just sit back and reminisce, you will discover that there was once a vision in your
life where you saw your future as a millionaire, doctor, teacher, author, engineer, nurse,
preacher, etc., but suddenly it felt like it was intangible and you began blaming God? It was like
God gave you a glimpse of the PROMISE and the took it Back. God does not lie; his words are

Numbers 23:19, “God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should
repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good”?


It is easier to blame God for the setback instead of praising HIM through the circumstances
because as Humans, we don’t like to face the problem, but rather find fault in others rather than
ourselves. Understand that God gave you the PROMISE because he promised to give you the
desires of your heart (Psalms 4), HE also said that he will never leave you (Deuteronomy
31:6) because HE’s always with you. He further explains that you will conquer any obstacle that
you encounter for you are more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37). God promises are TRUE if
you only believe and have faith that all things work together for your good according to HIS
riches in glory (Romans 8:28).
God gave me the vision of my Promises, but I didn’t know quite how to reach them because I
was trying to do it my way instead of leaning on God. One of my promises was that I was going
to obtain a college degree, but after my first year of college, I could not return due to finances.
My mother was a single parent with four children in college and we just could not afford my
tuition. I was furious!!! I did not understand how God could show me this promise and then
place this hurdle that I could not cross. I still had the burning desire to complete college, but I
got a job and worked for six years. One weekend while visiting my Bestfriend  Charmaine Lewis, we
attended a church in Columbia, SC, where Bishop David Baxter was pastoring. Bishop Baxter
opened the altar for prayer and he placed his hand on my and anointed me with oil. He then
whispered in my ear and said, “God heard your prayers and he is true to his promise. You will
go back to college and complete it with honors and go beyond what is expected of you.” Let me
tell you, in the Fall of 2010, I was accepted to South Carolina State University and two years
later, I graduated with Honors with a degree in English. I got accepted to Graduate School,
graduated two years later, wrote a book, created a profitable blog, mentoring hundreds, teaching,
and still praising God. God promises are TRUE. I know the journey is rough but declare that
you are more than a conqueror, I shall live and not die, I have the armor of God. Whatever God
declare, it shall come to pass, but you must be faithful, believe, and do the work that HE
Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own
understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”. Don’t lean on your Understanding, but to God’s because you will lose focus on the Promise.
The Promise is not met in your time, but God’s.
Habakkuk 2:3 “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will
not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay”.

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August 7, 2017

If My People…

2nd Chronicles 7:14 says…

If my people, which are called by name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and  turn from their  wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land.

God is calling his children back into his presence, somewhere along  down the line it has been a huge disconnect with God in his children and as I sat praying to God he spoke and said ” If my people”…

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July 4, 2017

Are You Intentional?

Author: Shoniece Howard-Jefferson
To be intentional, according to, means to do something with purpose or something that is planned. That is how we should be with God. Every encounter we have should be planned, filled with expectation, and INTENTIONAL.
I have been saved all my life. I knew i was set apart and God blessed me with great understanding of His word at an early age (nine years old to be exact). So i decided to get baptised. But over the course of my life, I got tired of being left out of what everyone else had experienced or what they were doing. I began to loose my way.
I always heard older people in the church say, “you’re going to keep getting saved until you’re saved for real!” We would all laugh because it was really funny in honesty. I got baptised again when i was about 19 years old. I felt like God was pushing me to do it again, but this time with a different persepctive on what I was really getting myself into. Again, some time after that I lost my way. I had been swallowed up by the things of this world and my earthly problems. I was so distracted by life “and the cares of this world”. After a while, I grew tired. The devil was having a field day in my mind, in my personal life, in my home, and in my spiritual life. He was literally draining me, making me feel ready to “give up”, in every sense of that phrase.
I began to look at my life and get so defeated. I couldn’t understand what i had possibly done that was so wrong that i kept getting the short end of the stick. No one was unsderstanding me. No one saw what I was seeing. I felt soooooo ALONE, FUSTRATED, AND CONFUSED. I was so hurt from so many things that had happened to me. My heart was a mess and i fell into depression. I didn’t recognize it as depression until later.
A few months ago I was conversing with a friend who is also a believer in Christ, and i just vented my fustrations with myself and my lacklustre attitude towards my relationship with God. I told her I wanted to know what it felt like to totally live for God because i had been doing it my way and haven’t made any progress.
On June 22, 2017 we went to a generations conference at All Nations Worship Assembly (check them out they are awesome). I had been following the ministry for a while and I was excited to go. The whole building had an overwhelming presence of God. Everyone in that place that greeted me was INTENTIONAL. They had set the atmosphere for the presence of God. I had never, in all my years, been in an environment like that. I was delivered! I was set free! God had put in me a new heart and restored His vision He had of me. I was elated to say the least. I had been in such great expectation and God went above and beyond for me. He truly went in my heart and began to clean it in the most gentle, but aggresive way possible. He had taken things that i had buried and brought them to surface and took them with Him. The Holy Spirit interceeded for me and He came through. The Holy Spirit assisted me into selling myself out. I left nothing hidden. I INTENTIONALLY opened myself up to be cleaned and inspected for God to deposit His likeness in me.
I needed this encounter. I wanted this so bad! I just got so tired. From the day I purchased that ticket for the conference, I became INTENTIONAL. God had prepared me for it the whole time and i didnt know it. He seperated me from people. He placed people around me that were seeking Him intentionally so i would know what that looked like, so if i had questions I would know who to ask. He put in me a hunger to learn what REAL, TRUE friendships looked like. He began teaching me by way of sermons how important it was to have  certain people around you. He really was preparing my heart for my new beginning.
If you want God, go get Him! He is waiting for you to find Him. He gave us pemission to go “seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7). God is there but He wants you to find Him. When we look for something, we began being intentional on finding it because we refuse to look and not find. We refuse to come up empty handed! When you look for God, search for Him like you’re looking for those car keys. Search for Him like you’re looking for that perfect outfit to go out in. He wants all of you. Lay your own life down, and He will give you a brand new one! Ask me I know! He wants relationship with us.
About Shoniece Howard-Jefferson
She is a licensed beauty professional,      a beauty blogger, and a believer in.      Christ. She has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship.
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June 30, 2017

Blogger’s Workshop!!!!!

Hi Guys Its Aundra,

How is everyone doing? I hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful summer weather! I come to you guys to give you heads up on the new……………… * Cue Drumroll

Bloggers Workshop!!!!!!!!

If you’ve been following me for sometime now than you’re aware of the bloggers workshop that’s being launched

JULY 18, 2017

This process has been amazing and I am so happy that many of you guys are desiring to take the course, when i first started blogging I bumped my head so many times and through trail and error I finally saw the light, now I am at a position where I am able to teach you guys what I’ve learn over the course of years, It’s definitely feels amazing to be able to launch this workshop. This is only the beginning for me and I am so thankful for my tribe. I thank you all so much for taking the workshop, I’ve made the price super affordable and if the price is still too high for you then contact me and we will try to arrange something for you! I want everyone that desires to blog to have this opportunity to blog and to learn the fundamental steps of blogging. I love you guys so much and I am so thankful! God is so amazing and I am in shock on how he keeps blessing me.


I hope to see all of your bright beautiful faces in the workshop, again if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me!

Love Always,

Aundra Williams

Save the date!

July 18, 2017!!!

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June 9, 2017

The One He Kept for Me

Author: Cheryl Rucker

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I didn’t grow up in church, I attended on the major holidays but I wasn’t an active member. One day I decided to become more than a bench member if you could even call my attendance at that time that. I had no clue this was God setting me up to meet the one he kept for me. Everyone always wants to know what I did to meet such an amazing man of God or how I knew when it was right. But to be honest I didn’t do anything other than open my mind and heart to what the Lord had for me. I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to focus on Cheryl and pursue a better relationship with the Lord. And if meeting a man of God came along then so be it, but it wasn’t my main focus. God had plans for me, plans that I would never dream of. I get so tired of hearing everyone say a good man is hard to find. Beloved, please stop looking. I love to tell the story of how I met my husband and I pray it encourages you to continue to seek the Lord first and foremost and find comfort knowing that God is keeping one for you.

When I met Josh he was a tenor on the young adult choir that I was joining. I didn’t know anyone but I knew this was where I was supposed to be so I joined and sang my little soprano heart out. Josh was very timid and not really outspoken which is the complete opposite of me. But something that I now know was the Holy Spirit told me “that’s the man you will marry”. I shrugged it off and thought “yeah okay, I don’t even know that guy is he even single”. You know that saying the way to a girl’s heart is though God? Well in my case the way to this mans heart was through God. I wanted to be closer to God and in finding God’s love for me I also found the love of my life.

I admired his relationship with God so much and the person he was because of this relationship. Something was different in him. Seeing him made me want to have a better relationship and be a better Christian. No, I wasn’t praying for a husband but I prayed for someone to walk with me on my new journey. I wanted and needed encouragement and support. I always had that little voice telling me I would marry him and I knew if I were to be a reflection of him I needed to continue to immerse myself in the word. Growing in Christ with him is such a blessing. I say this because we are still growing and learning together, 6 years of marriage later. I was young in Christ and Josh was there. We went to bible study together, choir rehearsal together, he would pick me up before service to ride with him. He quickly became my best friend before my boyfriend and then my husband.

[2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? ] I would have never met my husband had I not let the Holy Spirit led me back to church where I belonged. I was too of the world to be the equally yoked woman he desired. I had to grow to become in the world and not of the world. Some ask how were we members of the same church our whole lives and not know each other? To that I say, God was preparing us to be equally yoked. There were things that were necessary for us to complete before we met. Just like when God took the Israelite’s into the promise land when they left Egypt, instead of the short way Jacob took to get to Egypt. God was preparing the newly free Israelite’s to be His nation. He needed to establish a relationship with them before they went into the promise land. God knew by sending them the short way this was hindering that relationship he desired. They would have had to go through warring lands. God could have easily destroyed the enemy in their path but he knew his people were unprepared and not mature enough in their faith.

In my case God also needed to establish a relationship with me before I could be in a relationship with my husband. I wasn’t always the woman my husband prayed for but by Gods grace I became that woman when it was time. You may feel you are already the woman a man is praying for but maybe God is still taking the man you are praying for on the long journey to become the one he has kept for you. When it’s time you will know, trust me. Until then continue to love the Lord and be encouraged.


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