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June 9, 2017

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June 9, 2017

The One He Kept for Me

Author: Cheryl Rucker

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I didn’t grow up in church, I attended on the major holidays but I wasn’t an active member. One day I decided to become more than a bench member if you could even call my attendance at that time that. I had no clue this was God setting me up to meet the one he kept for me. Everyone always wants to know what I did to meet such an amazing man of God or how I knew when it was right. But to be honest I didn’t do anything other than open my mind and heart to what the Lord had for me. I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to focus on Cheryl and pursue a better relationship with the Lord. And if meeting a man of God came along then so be it, but it wasn’t my main focus. God had plans for me, plans that I would never dream of. I get so tired of hearing everyone say a good man is hard to find. Beloved, please stop looking. I love to tell the story of how I met my husband and I pray it encourages you to continue to seek the Lord first and foremost and find comfort knowing that God is keeping one for you.

When I met Josh he was a tenor on the young adult choir that I was joining. I didn’t know anyone but I knew this was where I was supposed to be so I joined and sang my little soprano heart out. Josh was very timid and not really outspoken which is the complete opposite of me. But something that I now know was the Holy Spirit told me “that’s the man you will marry”. I shrugged it off and thought “yeah okay, I don’t even know that guy is he even single”. You know that saying the way to a girl’s heart is though God? Well in my case the way to this mans heart was through God. I wanted to be closer to God and in finding God’s love for me I also found the love of my life.

I admired his relationship with God so much and the person he was because of this relationship. Something was different in him. Seeing him made me want to have a better relationship and be a better Christian. No, I wasn’t praying for a husband but I prayed for someone to walk with me on my new journey. I wanted and needed encouragement and support. I always had that little voice telling me I would marry him and I knew if I were to be a reflection of him I needed to continue to immerse myself in the word. Growing in Christ with him is such a blessing. I say this because we are still growing and learning together, 6 years of marriage later. I was young in Christ and Josh was there. We went to bible study together, choir rehearsal together, he would pick me up before service to ride with him. He quickly became my best friend before my boyfriend and then my husband.

[2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? ] I would have never met my husband had I not let the Holy Spirit led me back to church where I belonged. I was too of the world to be the equally yoked woman he desired. I had to grow to become in the world and not of the world. Some ask how were we members of the same church our whole lives and not know each other? To that I say, God was preparing us to be equally yoked. There were things that were necessary for us to complete before we met. Just like when God took the Israelite’s into the promise land when they left Egypt, instead of the short way Jacob took to get to Egypt. God was preparing the newly free Israelite’s to be His nation. He needed to establish a relationship with them before they went into the promise land. God knew by sending them the short way this was hindering that relationship he desired. They would have had to go through warring lands. God could have easily destroyed the enemy in their path but he knew his people were unprepared and not mature enough in their faith.

In my case God also needed to establish a relationship with me before I could be in a relationship with my husband. I wasn’t always the woman my husband prayed for but by Gods grace I became that woman when it was time. You may feel you are already the woman a man is praying for but maybe God is still taking the man you are praying for on the long journey to become the one he has kept for you. When it’s time you will know, trust me. Until then continue to love the Lord and be encouraged.


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