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July 4, 2017

Are You Intentional?

Author: Shoniece Howard-Jefferson
To be intentional, according to, means to do something with purpose or something that is planned. That is how we should be with God. Every encounter we have should be planned, filled with expectation, and INTENTIONAL.
I have been saved all my life. I knew i was set apart and God blessed me with great understanding of His word at an early age (nine years old to be exact). So i decided to get baptised. But over the course of my life, I got tired of being left out of what everyone else had experienced or what they were doing. I began to loose my way.
I always heard older people in the church say, “you’re going to keep getting saved until you’re saved for real!” We would all laugh because it was really funny in honesty. I got baptised again when i was about 19 years old. I felt like God was pushing me to do it again, but this time with a different persepctive on what I was really getting myself into. Again, some time after that I lost my way. I had been swallowed up by the things of this world and my earthly problems. I was so distracted by life “and the cares of this world”. After a while, I grew tired. The devil was having a field day in my mind, in my personal life, in my home, and in my spiritual life. He was literally draining me, making me feel ready to “give up”, in every sense of that phrase.
I began to look at my life and get so defeated. I couldn’t understand what i had possibly done that was so wrong that i kept getting the short end of the stick. No one was unsderstanding me. No one saw what I was seeing. I felt soooooo ALONE, FUSTRATED, AND CONFUSED. I was so hurt from so many things that had happened to me. My heart was a mess and i fell into depression. I didn’t recognize it as depression until later.
A few months ago I was conversing with a friend who is also a believer in Christ, and i just vented my fustrations with myself and my lacklustre attitude towards my relationship with God. I told her I wanted to know what it felt like to totally live for God because i had been doing it my way and haven’t made any progress.
On June 22, 2017 we went to a generations conference at All Nations Worship Assembly (check them out they are awesome). I had been following the ministry for a while and I was excited to go. The whole building had an overwhelming presence of God. Everyone in that place that greeted me was INTENTIONAL. They had set the atmosphere for the presence of God. I had never, in all my years, been in an environment like that. I was delivered! I was set free! God had put in me a new heart and restored His vision He had of me. I was elated to say the least. I had been in such great expectation and God went above and beyond for me. He truly went in my heart and began to clean it in the most gentle, but aggresive way possible. He had taken things that i had buried and brought them to surface and took them with Him. The Holy Spirit interceeded for me and He came through. The Holy Spirit assisted me into selling myself out. I left nothing hidden. I INTENTIONALLY opened myself up to be cleaned and inspected for God to deposit His likeness in me.
I needed this encounter. I wanted this so bad! I just got so tired. From the day I purchased that ticket for the conference, I became INTENTIONAL. God had prepared me for it the whole time and i didnt know it. He seperated me from people. He placed people around me that were seeking Him intentionally so i would know what that looked like, so if i had questions I would know who to ask. He put in me a hunger to learn what REAL, TRUE friendships looked like. He began teaching me by way of sermons how important it was to have  certain people around you. He really was preparing my heart for my new beginning.
If you want God, go get Him! He is waiting for you to find Him. He gave us pemission to go “seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7). God is there but He wants you to find Him. When we look for something, we began being intentional on finding it because we refuse to look and not find. We refuse to come up empty handed! When you look for God, search for Him like you’re looking for those car keys. Search for Him like you’re looking for that perfect outfit to go out in. He wants all of you. Lay your own life down, and He will give you a brand new one! Ask me I know! He wants relationship with us.
About Shoniece Howard-Jefferson
She is a licensed beauty professional,      a beauty blogger, and a believer in.      Christ. She has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship.
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