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February 25, 2017

Compromising Your Faith.

Throughout life we face situations that challenge our beliefs, from being struck with obstacles that life bring upon we harbor upon the thought of compromising. We tend to believe compromising is our only best option when push comes to shove. We compromise ourselves into a relationship that wasn’t structured around God and find ourselves getting hurt or maybe we took a job out of desperation or disobedience. We all have been in similar situations as these, little do we know we settle more often than we tend to believe but, God is looking for people who aren’t negotiating their faith. Who aren’t compromising  the true essence of who they’re and the love they have for God.

We hear the saying ” Life is all about compromising” but where do we draw the line? Where do we say this certain thing I would not budge on. What are those areas of your life that aren’t worth compromising on? Do you find yourself compromising your faith in God? Do you find yourself compromising your abstinence? The word compromise means to

Accept a standard that is lower than desirable.

Why do we believe settling or compromising who we’re could be beneficial for us? Why do many of us settle? Last year I found myself in a situation were I settled. I dated a guy who didn’t have a religion but, I found myself compromising the inner depths of me all for this guy. I felt as if I lost my identity in Christ just for a relationship. I asked myself why did I compromise my faith just for this earthly relationship? Why do we compromise our faith?

In James 4:17 it says “whoever knows the right thing to do but, don’t choose to not do it is a sin”. For we know that compromising our morals and beliefs are sinful in the eyes of God, why do we still find ourselves compromising ourselves and bending to the world instead of being separate. I’m the first to say that throughout life I compromised and settled, I replaced God with things and people. Then one day I realised Jesus didn’t die for this, he didn’t suffer just so that I could compromise my faith. Settle for the trickery of the enemy. We must get back to the core definition of what Christ actually stand for and that’s faith….

• Faith that we trust in the unseen { Romans 8:24}

• Faith that all thing’s will come together for those who love God { Romans 8:28}

• Faith that in due season we shall reap if we do not lost hope {Galatians 6:9}

•Faith that the suffering you’re currently enduring would not last always  { Romans 8:18}

• Faith that God is our protector, our hope, our salvation, father.

If we know God is faithful why do we compromise our faith?

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