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February 7, 2017

How would you be found in this season?

The month of January has been difficult for me hence the reason on the late posting. I found myself walking through snow and slipping on ice due to my car failing on me, along with someone draining my bank account. I cried out how much more? I felt myself breaking and crumbling and I remembered this vow I made with God that I would never curse him or speak badly on him, I felt as if I was a modern-day Job. As I walked in the cold I prayed that even if my situation doesn’t change I will be found rejoicing through this season. I ask you how would God find you in this current season you’re currently in? Will you be  found rejoicing or complaining?

While walking I pondered over the thought on why do we treat seasonal situations as eternal? Why don’t we rejoice over the small reminders that God has been gracious to us and to stop complaining because everything in the natural seem like it’s falling apart. Even if my situation doesn’t change God has done enough he has blessed me with this amazing website and family that support my dreams. I  found myself complaining over this situation internally becoming mad and fussing and wondering why is this happening to me? I cried myself to sleep only to hear Romans 8:28 replaying through my mind

All things will come together for those who love God and who are called according to his purpose.

It was God’s small reminder that yes, this season you’re going through is hard but, believe in me that everything will come together and when you look back over this you will see my hand visibly working things out for you. If you never leave with anything reading my blogs leave with knowing that God will turn your situation around.. Do you trust him?

How would God find you in the season you’re currently in? Would you be found complaining every 2 seconds because something isn’t working out or will you be thankful for your portion regardless of the trails and tribulations. In Galatians 6:9 it says ” Let us not grow weary of doing good for in due season you will reap, if you do not give up”. Yes, this season you’re trotting through may seem dark and alone, you may feel like God has forgotten about you or you may be in a certain situation like mine. I’m here to remind you that this season you’re going through wasnt designed to kill you. Don’t lose faith. I prayed one night and I said ” God don’t leave me, I need you!  My life felt as if I was under attack everything is falling apart I said. He speedily answered and said ” It’s not me who leave its my children who leave me, they treat certain seasons as if they’re permanent and they can’t seem to look past the natural to see me working on their behalf” I’m here to remind you that God hasn’t left you…… Stay faithful.

When God comes looking for you in this season how will he find you?  rejoicing or complaining?


I love you!!

♡Special Announcement♡

My sister’s and I are super excited to launch our new business, we have always dreamed about this moment and it’s so surreal that it doesn’t seem real. I’m so excited and I cannot wait for you guys to be apart of this.

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    Love this blog it truly blessed me.

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