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February 6, 2018

Life After Hurt..

As I lay gazing at the ceiling; my eyes followed the rhythm of  hope; tears kissed my cheeks and I muster the strength to dry my eyes but, the droplets of tears streamed repeatedly and I cried out ” Elohim” save me. Natural disasters happen all around us on a daily basis but what do you do when the natural  disaster hits home? When your dreams becomes foggy and your life goals seem impossible to reach what do you do?  What do you do when your strength is weak and the words of affirmation  are stuck in the gut of your stomach and your hope and hanging on by a strand of life.

Life after Hurt…….

Usually I come to you with all of the answers and how to fix the broken but today I’m going to allow my heart to speak, I want to talk about Life After Hurt. I tend to shy away from talking about my personal life too much because often times I am afraid of the perception people may have of me and the decisions I made throughout my life, writing has always been therapeutic for me. It allows me to escape reality sometimes and times when I cannot muster up the words to say my pen and paper always knows the correct words to say. So here I am dealing with “life”. Life sometimes has this funny way of showing up and shaking things up for you. Sometimes in ways that leave you breathless.  Life after hurt.  Life after death of a family member, life after a relationship/friendship, business idea whatever you’re personally dealing with we’ll have experienced some multitude of hurt; it’s that feeling of  “wondering where do I go from here“? I am not here to say I have all the answers to every problem we’ll face on a daily but one answer that I do know is that God is perfect in all of his ways- even when it comes to hurt for in Romans 8:18 says for the suffering you’re currently going through, greater will be revealed within you and sometimes hurt brings out something’s we’ve been hiding from ourselves for instance hurt allows us to see the unforgiveness we have in our hearts, the hatred we carry and the poison we speak whenever we think of that person who hurt us, or that person who killed a loved one, or that person who stole from us. Hurt allows us to see our hearts. I know from first hand that believing in God during my hurting period seems harder said than done but in  Psalms 18:30-34 says

 What a God he is, perfect in all of his ways. All of his promises prove true, He is a shield for everyone who hides behind him. For who is God except our Lord, He fills me with strength and protects me. He gives me the steadfootedness of a mountain goat upon the crags, he leads me to safety along the cliff”. 

 When depression knocks at your door God swiftly sweeps you away into his arms that is never-failing. God feels your pain as if he is going through it himself and he will never leave you, I know the air seems quite and his touch seem so far away but trust me he’s there. Holding you in his bosom, tending to the tears you cried.  Moments when I feel my knees buckling and I am walking on the tip of the iceberg of hurt I remember that God says in Psalms 91

” I will send forth my angels to be your crutch to keep you from falling against the trails of the rock ( life) ”

Now, the answer to your question what do I do? You survive the hurt! You survive and push through. When the odds are stacked against you. When giving up on God seems easy, you do the opposite and cling on to God like never before and you muster up the courage to speak life over you, the enemies job is to rob, kill and destroy– do not allow them to win. Do not allow them to rob you from your joy. Do not allow them to kill your hope and destroy your faith in God. God loves you! I need you to survive.

Hurt is the inevitable but, it’s what we do after the hurt… That’s the real question?

The end.

  Love you, Thanks for reading!





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