August 29, 2016

Meet Aundra!


Founder of Live for Him, a blog that is organized to help strengthen your walk with God. I want to reach young teens to help them overcome society pressures to push them towards God, to help them surrender their life to Christ. My Goal is to help bring you to Christ rather you come battling drug addiction, sex addiction, depression, or you just need help coming back to Jesus I will be your friend in need.

Today’s generation is facing real life challenges. The challenge to be accepted, loved, and feel secure but Jesus is saying come to me let me fight your battles while you rest in me. Let me break down that stronghold that is making you feel like you need to be accepted by humans, that you need their love. Jesus says, “I Love You, you are my child you are a precious jewel”.

A native of Michigan, raised in a household under the supervision of a pastor who taught my siblings, and I that Jesus was the only way. I always knew that I had a calling for my life at the tender age of 3, when I heard the Lords voice. I decided one day to stop trying to fight the calling. Today I live in MI where I’ve decided to create the Live for Him. A blog created to inspire and encourage the souls that still live in the city that I reside in.

Love God whole-heartedly and seek his presence.

Love you!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Aundra Williams