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December 11, 2017

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Box

Here I am lodged deep within the crevasse of this box; submerged with fear. Crippled and ashamed to reveal the core of this box, this box is my shield against the loud thunders of thoughts and piercing eyes of judgment. The constant scrutiny of societal pressure make the depth of this box endless and I am drowning in the comfort of these four walls. I peek my head out to see the light but, the light of the unknown draws me back into my shell of  darkness.  I hear the sweet soothing sound of Gods voice telling me too” Take his hand and that he would lead me” but that meant I had to release the flaps of this box and allow him to guide me wherever he desires for me to go.

The box is our comfort zone and its nail-biting to exit your comfort zone ( speaking from experience, lol) , the world is new and the probability of failure is heighten but, in order to be what God has called and anointed you to be you must tear down those towers of fear and failure and trust in Gods plan regarding your life. Our simple minds cannot grasp the bigger picture to things and sometimes we kick and scream when God is directing us to his pathway for our lives because it requires that we get out of our box. Yes, the land is foreign to us but God says that he will never lead us to a place that he hasn’t already surveillance. That’s why its super important to stay close to God because he will be your eyes and ears to certain situation ( Which is awesome). I’m not sure if you’re like me but, I’m more of an ” what’s next God” type of girl. I need to know what’s going to happen next and while you’re navigating life without your box God is pressing on your heart for you to trust him 100% and allow him to guide you and also to surrender to him and trust him in all areas of your life.

Stepping outside your box knocks on your heart to remain obedient to God and to follow him at his very word because the world( the devil)  will throw in turbulence to make you feel like God has left you, that he has abandoned you on this journey but what’s so amazing about God is that he offers protection like no other! With your box you may have thought that those four walls offered you protection against the schemes of the enemy but nothing compares to the almighty hand of God. Nothing compares to knowing that God has set forth angels to protect you. God wants to lead you to that land that’s overflowing with milk and honey but in order to obtain the things in your promise land you must first step out on God and step out of your box- reach out and grab his hand.  Sometimes the biggest obstacles we will over overcome is our OURSELVES. Step out on God and remove that box of limitations.

Here is what I am commanding you to do, Be strong and brave. Do not be terrified. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be everywhere you go..  Joshua 1:9″

Are you willing to step outside of your box and allow yourself to be used by God? Are you willing to surrender your box?


God is waiting….

Souls are waiting on your act of obedience. God wants to do exceedingly greats things in your life but first he must know are you willing to reach out to HIM and allow HIM to rip down your box? This box has hindered you long enough, it has choke you with fear long enough now its time to step out on Gods word and trust that he will never leave you! Its time to be strong and not weary!


God is waiting..

Are you willing to step outside your box?


Happy Hoildays,

From my family to your,

From: Freddie, Logan and Lauryn

(Yes, Logan is refusing to wear pants,  Pray for him! lol)  

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