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October 18, 2017

New blogs and collaboration! Plus bloggers workshop….

Hello my lovelies!

Long time, no speak! I promise myself and all of my faithful readers that I will never be gone for that long again! I missed you guys so much and I cannot wait to update you guy’s! Here’s the scoop on my life…

I’ve recently lost 30 pounds! So exciting right, I really felt as if the Lord was laying it against my heart to take better care of myself along with making sure that I’m confident within myself so losing weight has definitely boosted my confidence in addition too getting braces! I cannot explain the pure excitement I feel right now, to finally have straight teeth. Only God knows how insecure this made me feel so I’m thankful for this blessing. Also….. wait! I will share the other good news in 2018! Haha. Sorry!


Where were I? Oh yes, UPDATES!

I am relaunching my bloggers workshop I truly felt as if it was my trail run and now that I know how to properly launch my workshop I want to make it free! You heard me! FREE! I want  for every blogger, aspiring blogger to have the tools that God has blessed me with and it’s not about money or fame it’s about being a blessing unto other’s and just allowing everyone to take the course. The workshop in my opinion would’ve been MOREEEEEEE successful if I did it Gods way instead of my way, we live in learn! Now, It’s going to be available January 1, 2018! Save the date and make sure you tell a friend!

Also, I am working with some pretty amazing bloggers in 2018 and if you’re interested in showcasing your work on then email or comment in  the comment section! I read my emails daily, lol. I am so thankful for you guys growing with me, it has been one pretty amazing journey and I am so thankful you guys have stuck in there with me! I cannot ask for a better group of people!

Hugs! ❤

I love you guy’s and I cannot wait for you to read the New blogs!


Also, I will be in California March 2018 come out and see me! Date will be announced soon!


Love you so much,


Aundra Williams



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