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May 19, 2017

Where God is sending you…

God is sending you out to a nation that’s awaiting on a word from God.

Are you willing to carry the message to Gods children?

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Remember those nights where you cried out to be sent wherever God needs you?  Or.. To be used by God? Well its deployment time. God has heard your request and He says ” Its Time”. God is sending you out to a nation that needs rebuilding. See God’s name along with his character has been defiled and He needs for you to uplift his name again. He needs your help to rebuild his true integrity of who He is and what he actually died for. God doesn’t want for any of his children to go into the lake of fire so he needs your help and preaching his name, spreading the goodness of him & pushing souls back unto him. God is sending you out a generation that has become so self-absorbed; that they aren’t willing to sacrifice anything to be in his presence. Its says in Philippians 2:8 that

God laid aside his might and power and glory; taking up the disguise of a slave and becoming like men & he humbled himself even further by going as far as actually to die a criminal death on a cross.

see God has done so much for us already that he needs your help in spreading that message that he stripped himself from his glory just to walk the earth and become sin just so that you may have life. God is sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Where God is sending you; don’t worry about having money, degrees, social status for God is sending out to a nation that desperately need him. They don’t care about worldly possessions they need a word from God. A word that will change them. A word that would speak volumes to their soul and confirm things that they have prayed about. God is sending you out to a generation that has worshiped men and who has put all of their trust into men. They’ve put their trust into empty promises and worshiped relationships. To only be left feeling empty and abandoned. Are you willing to deliver Gods message?

God loves you so much that he’s willing to send a boat load of people to you; to help rescue you from the traps of the enemy. I know someone is reading this and wondering ” Am I qualified enough” to be sent. All God needs is a willing soul and he will do the rest. He will fill your mouth with his spoken words and overtake you mind & heart  so that you remember what he has spoken to you.  Its deployment time! 

God is sending you out to a nation that’s awaiting on a word from God.

Are you willing to carry the message to Gods children?

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Much Love,

Aundra Williams.


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    Amen! Send me Lord

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